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Run by Lina Stephens, a highly qualified and experienced hairstylist, Star Professional Hairdressing is a unique, modern and fully established Professional Hair Salon providing exclusive "Mobile Hairdressing" and "Personal Stylist" services in Torbay, Devon and further throughout the UK.

Lina belongs to the F.H.A. Freelance hairdressers association, is fully business insured and holds a public liability licence.


About Me - Hairdresser

I have been working in the hairdressing world since 2006 (NVQ1 & NVQ2), working in several salons including my tutor's salon when I was still at college and then several other salons, and with different nationality hair stylists from all over the world. I became the salon manager at a busy 'Regis' American global salon in Exeter for a few years. While there, I also worked as a 'Coach', training other stylist's in colour techniques, hair cutting and salon managing etc. I have travelled all over UK because of different training programs and meetings.

Home Salon

A while back, I opened my own unusual, quirky little salon in Teignbridge, not far from where I am based now, and ran it successfully for over 2 years, and I employed another hair stylist to help me. In 2015 I relocated the salon to my house - just a few minutes from where I was set up previously. 

I would like to say - I have the most amazing clientele which I wouldn't dream of giving up, but I also love having new clients. My clients are women and men that come from all over the country, as well as local based. I feel privileged to provide my hairdressing services to all of you.

I'm always up for some new hair style technique or colour. I love changes and am always changing as all of you do.

Hair Extensions & Wigs

Some of my clients spend all day here with me at the salon, as the job they require - requires a lot of time and work. Services like -individual technique colouring on the hair and the hair extensions, istallation, cutting and styling can take a day or more, sometimes even with the same person. I also enjoy colouring and styling wigs for my clients. Sometimes I have to do a few in the same day, that keeps me on my toes too and it's because I really love doing hair.

My salon is very special and unique to me, here clients feel comfortable and relaxed. I really care about my clients hair and their lives. Most of my clients I have already known for many years and we have a very special trust and friendly long term relationship. They are more like a family to me and I never forget any one of them as the time goes by. As my salon is private - we make happy, friendly memories here. It's not just a job to me - it's my life, passion and I have big dreams for my future and relationships in store.

A bit about me as a person: I really love nature and love gardening. Especially, I have a weird love for pine trees as I am getting older. I like making abstract paintings and "changing the change" in my life as we go along. I don't like staying the same way and keeping it still and boring.. I found a new passion recently - that is reading books.

My big dream: When I have my holiday home one day (abroad) - my clients can come and visit me for free! - I mean when I will retire as an old age pensioner I day...hehe

I never mass produce, but always tailor the look!

My values: High standards in service and customer care. Life is too short, so live it and be happy with it!

  Experienced Torquay Hairdresser
"Excellent hairdresser, lina is great, makes you feel welcome and really appreciates her customers. So friendly and lovely".
Jan Holland
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